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The goal of this page is to provide links to business related articles and sources to help us all during these ever changing times. 

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What are Predictive Scheduling Laws

  • Are you changing your employees' work schedules at the last minute? If so, take care not to violate predictive scheduling laws — especially relevant in these unsettled times. Click the button below for insights into the rules you may need to follow.

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Communicating Benefits to Employees Who Couldn't Care Less

  • Do your employees ignore open enrollment or wait until the last minute to address their benefits situation? Do they have a "couldn't care less" attitude? Click the button below for insight into why this happens and what to do about it.

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Changing Culture to Manage Future Disruptions

  • Companies that are structured to be resilient and agile are more likely to succeed through disruptions such as the current pandemic — and any future disruptions. Click the button below to Lean more.

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The Whys and Hos of Outsourcing Payroll

  • Doing payroll in-house takes time, expertise and resources. It may be far easier and more cost-effective to simply outsource this role to a payroll bureau. Click the button below to learn more.

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Tuition Reimbursement: The Employer Advantage

  • Tuition costs keep rising, and yet continuing education is often advisable, or even necessary, for employees to advance. Click through for an introduction to tuition reimbursement programs, which can help both companies and their employees.

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How to Deposit and Report Employement Taxes

  • It may seem simple: You owe the government the taxes you withhold from your workers, and you write a check to the IRS. But it's a lot more complicated. Click through for the basics on remitting employment taxes.

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The Upside of Integrating Timekeeping, Payroll and Accounting

  • To pay your employees correctly, you must track their work time. And to help ensure accurate financial records, you must do payroll accounting. Click the button below to learn more. 

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How to Use Videos for Benefits Communications

  • The pandemic forced companies to turn to videos for so much — including benefits communications. Click the button below to learn more. 

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Cash Balance Plans: Defined-Benefit with a Twist

  • A cash balance plan is a twist on a traditional pension with some special provisions that can make it an attractive option for both companies and employees. Click the button below to learn more.

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What the Taxpayer First Act Means for Employers

  • Signed into law in 2019, the Taxpayer First Act modernizes the IRS' approach to delivering taxpayer services. In addition, it contains notable changes for employers. Click the button below to learn more. 

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Creating a Positive Return Experience

  • As companies across the country prepare to reopen, they need to consider how they will ensure the health and safety of their employees. Click the button below to read more about the steps company leaders need to take to help ensure a smooth experience.

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Why You Need a Payroll Continuity Plan

  • We tend to take payroll for granted, but when a disaster hits, you need a strategy to help you continue to pay your employees. Click the button below to see why you need a payroll continuity plan and how to begin to set one up.

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Interviewing New Hires - Virtually

  • Among the many work aspects that the pandemic changed is the hiring process — interviews are now virtual. Companies need to adapt. Click the button below to learn how to conduct tele-interviews during the pandemic — and beyond.

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Recognizing Signs of Depression in Your Employees

  • Depression is one of the most prevalent mental illnesses in the U.S., and with the pandemic-related pressures, this may only get worse. Click the button below for tips on spotting depression in your employees so an intervention can be mounted before it's too late.

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